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boat decking scottw 3/9/2004
has anyone used ir for findin voids under fiberglass ? this is on the deck of a boat. any ideas ?
Re:boat decking Gary Orlove 3/10/2004
Check this paper out:

Applying Infrared Imaging Techniques to Marine Surveying
Marine surveyors are to the marine industry as building and home inspectors are to the commercial and residential real estate industry. Marine surveyors’ opinions are relied upon to document the “Condition and Value” of the vessels (boats, ships) they inspect. When marine surveyors examine a vessel, they rely heavily upon experience and what can be seen, heard, and felt. Traditionally, visual anomalies seen with the unaided eye often are the sole basis for further testing. Infrared images are an effective tool in extending a marine surveyor’s visual ability to detect anomalies. This paper illustrates the use of the FirstMate™ infrared camera from FLIR. Presented are examples of what can be found when inspecting structural, mechanical, and electrical systems on boats. It will refer to common deficiencies found in vessels and show how infrared imaging has become an effective tool in documenting problems found during inspections.

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center

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