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Infrared camera Vs Infrared thermometer DCP 10/3/2007
While inspecting electrical cabinets if we compare the reading obtained from a camera to that from a infrared thermometer (gun)it never matches.

A IR thermometer always gives a reading less that the reading of a camera. This error increases in higher temp range.

Why this happens ?
Re:Infrared camera Vs Infrared thermometer IRJay 10/3/2007
Attending a level I training will explain this completely.
A camera has a the capability to measure a smaller area from a given distance. An example. You can measure a 1" target from 250" away with a camera where the "gun" can measure a 1" target from only 8" away.
When the area exceeds this cone of measurement it will average in the background which will "most times" drive the temperature lower.
Re:Infrared camera Vs Infrared thermometer jvoitl 10/3/2007
See my article at this link.
Re:Infrared camera Vs Infrared thermometer PKirk 11/8/2007
A surprising number of people that use IR "gun" thermometers think the laser makes the temperature. It doesn't and the laser is often not theat well alighed with the optics of the "gun". The measurement spot size on all but one model "gun" is too big to measure all but the biggest gauge wire. Simply stated the "gun" is measuring about a 1" inch circle not just the connection.

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