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Thermacam Reporter 2000 buckeyeboy 10/5/2007
I am trying to send my sample report to AIRT to complete my level II certification. The Secretary wants me to send the report in word form. How do I accomplish this?? Please e-mail me at Would like to get this completed by end of the month

Re:Thermacam Reporter 2000 Jim Haney 10/5/2007

I will contact you directly at you posted email adress.

Jim Haney
Technical Support
FLIR Systems, Inc.
Office: 978-901-8232
Fax: 978-901-8832
FLIR Corporate: 978-901-8000
ITC Corporate: 978-901-8405
Re:Thermacam Reporter 2000 buckeyeboy 10/5/2007
Thank you for your reply

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