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Raw Data from Inframetrics PM 390 Ibrah M 10/10/2007
Dear all:

I obtained my thermal images via Inframetrics PM 390, the default file format are TIF. I open them using ThermaCAM Explorer 99, and export as BMP file format according to my selected pallette. Then, I open these BMP files using MATLAB and MATLAB treats them as indexed images with theri colormaps.

Maybe you all can share me where is actually the temperature values of the image? is it in that TIF file or in indexed BMP file?

Thanks, i'm waiting to hear from you.

Re:Raw Data from Inframetrics PM 390 Hay 11/15/2007
Hi Ibrah,

Your camera does it make images of 8bits ore more?
My first reaction would be dat de data is still in the TIF file. Thermacam explorer export the images to BMP without radiometric data.
Is it not possible fore you to convert them directly to matlab?
Maybe I can help, feel free to contact me at

Cheers Hai Theunissen

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