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Creating a new folder "on the go" in a P65 Brimstone 10/22/2007
With the Agema 550 and 570 that are the cameras that I had previous experience with, you could create a new folder to store the images of a specific customer very easily, the camera would make a folder with the date and the number of customer reviewed on that day.

With the P65 the only way that I've found is taking the memory card and using the computer which allows for much clarity on the names but usually when I get the camera (I get it twice a year for a few weeks each time), I forget to do it and I don't realise I needed to create the folder until the time when I am at the customer premises' and it is too late already.

Is there a way I can create folders just using the camera?

Re:Creating a new folder "on the go" in a P65 jgagnon 10/22/2007

To create a new folder Select "File > Images" from the camera menus. Press down on the joystick for a few seconds and a pop-up menu should appear. One of the options is "Create new folder". Highlight this option and press down on the joystick to create the folder.


Jason Gagnon
FLIR Systems, Inc.
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Re:Creating a new folder "on the go" in a P65 Brimstone 10/23/2007
Thank you, that is going to be very useful. Is this instruction somewhere in the manual? I had never seen it.

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