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Humidity problem supIRman 10/24/2007
Our camera is specified at 20 to 80 per cent humidity. What if the environment is about 95 to 100 per cent humidity, can we still use the camera at this condition?
Re:Humidity problem TDLIR 10/24/2007
It depends on the camera you have. Not all are rugged as they state. Usually the IP rating can help. But you would not want to have any standard IR camera operate in a 100% humidity envioroment for extended periods of time.

You can always enclose you camera in an enclosure if it is for long periods of time. Sometimes, you can even have your enclosure under a gas pressure. I have done this with IR cameras for 24/7 monitoring.

Or you can go the cheap way and use a plastic bag.

I have used my PM390 directly in steam plumes (used for refractory cooling)where it was dripping wet and it just kept on ticking. Now I treat this particular camera like gold since FLIR stopped making them and I am yet to find a new microbolometer camera that can compare to it.

My P45 seems to be doing fine too in high humid enviroments.

But rule of thumb is that you do not want to exceed the camera's spec as ultimately it may lead to a shorter lifespan or malfunction.

Care must also be taken with fogging of your lens due to high humidity. This will have you wiping your lens and eventually wearing off the anti-reflective coating.

Hope this helps.

Sonny James
Re:Humidity problem supIRman 10/25/2007
Hi Sonny!
Thank you for replying to my inquiry.
The plastic bag thing is quite a good idea.
And is cheaper too than having a rugged enclosure as you mentioned.

Hope the client will buy this idea.


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