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Need for Thermographers?? JohnC 10/24/2007
I am new to this & due to an injury, have to look for a new career. I have experience in commercial roofing & shingle roofing.

My question is this:

How much of a need is there for Thermography scans??

What would one charge to do a scan??

Thanks for your input.

Re:Need for Thermographers?? Gary Orlove 12/5/2007
As you know, all roofs leak eventually. An IR roof moisture survey can be an extremely effective technique to locate and define subsurface moisture in the roofing system. See the link below for more information:

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center
Re:Need for Thermographers?? TomC 12/6/2007
There is a need for theromgraphic scans of low slope roofs in the commercial market. There are several methods used fly over, walk over, walk under to accomplish the scan. getting a good image of moisture for the client requires some favorable conditions, warm dry days and cool clear nights, are best. There is an ASTM standard (C-1153)for thermographic roof scans that should be used as guidance for performing the scan.

What to charge depends on where you are located, type of scan to be performed and size of the job. The price can be as low as $.02 per square foot to $.10 - $.15 per square foot.


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