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FLIR B20HS for sale Thermomasters, Inc. 11/1/2007
Selling a FLIR B20HS with all original accessories. The camera was only used a few times on inspections.

Please email or call for more information.

Will take best offer.


***UPDATE*** - FLIR B20HS for sale Thermomasters, Inc. 11/29/2007
My asking price is $12,900 plus shipping.

This is an excellent deal for someone interested in a high end camera. You won't be disappointed.

Please call me at 321-720-6333 and I will answer any questions you may have.


Re:FLIR B20HS for sale Thermomasters, Inc. 12/5/2007
Re:FLIR B20HS for sale Thirdeye 10/10/2008
Do you still have this camera for sell if so please e-mail me.

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