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Camera trouble SC2000 drb 11/3/2007
I've had a FLIR SC2000 for the past 5 years and had no problem with it..until lately when I could no longer connect from my computer. I have the camera set up to be remotely activated using a Parallel Interface board in the computer. At first I thought the PI was fried as when I tried to connect, the screen would show "connection broken". However I then tried using the PC card interface straight form the camera to the laptop and same thing I figure it's the camera itself. I also cannot use the LCD screen that can be mounted on the camera as no connection seem to happen. I can still use the camera by itself and record pictures on the card inside the camera. Any help would be great!
Re:Camera trouble SC2000 Pelle 11/12/2007
I suggest you contact FLIR Service as there seem to be a problem with the internal circuits.

P.S. On the SC2000 there are no Video Out on the 10 pin connector (used by the DATA), only on the Video connector on the side.

FLIR Systems
Re:Camera trouble SC2000 drb 11/12/2007
The 10 pin connector does allow me to have direct video images by using the Parallel Interface in the computer....still think it's an internal circuits problems? Does that means that the headset that can also be plug into the side of the camera would not work??? (I haven't try that yet!)
Re:Camera trouble SC2000 Pelle 11/13/2007
When you say Video in the parallel Interface then it is Digital Video via software and not composite Video. When the Camera becomes an SC2000 the Composite Video is replaced by the Digital Out so the best is to have the Camera Serviced by FLIR Service Dept.

Pelle Soderberg

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