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Group image corrections and pallett changes to P65 JPEGS IR Judy 12/11/2007
Hello - I have large numbers of jpegs from my P65 that need post capture editing and correction. I would like to do group changes in pallet and span but can not use the "saved format" of reporter and InfraView for my report writing. They are needed to be used in the original jpeg format with out the border,etc. I have had to resort to editing each individually on the camera to obtain this result and am growing weary (as is my camera!) as image numbers grow to hundred for processing the desired and necessary results. Please help.Thanks.
Re:Group image corrections and pallett changes to P65 JPEGS Jim Haney 12/11/2007
You can use the QuickView software to cange the scale, pallete and analysis on the image and then just save the image in it's radiometric .jpg format.

This is the same image fro a P60. The left is edited in the Quickview and opened in Windows; the right is the original opened in Windows.

You can download the Quickview from thhis link.


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