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New business am i starting right? HITECHSOLUTIONS 12/11/2007
Hi my name is Josh, I started my company called Infrared Hi-Tech Solutions. I've been in the commercial electric business for 5 years, I have my masters license in mass. but wanted to do something new. I am ITC Level 1 certified, but am now wondering I know i'm not certified to do weatherization, or roof scans. But I did learn about them so can i still perform them until I do get certified? Also any ideas on advertising?? I would like to hit up the new england region. I'm still working for an electrical company and trying to get this business started with any spare time I have. I haven't done any scans yet but definetly want to get out on my own. I want more freedom. So any input would be great. Also anybody do aerial scans using drones? I've been looking but no such luck on purchasing one or even having someine fly it for me.
Re:New business am i starting right? David Campbell 12/12/2007
E-mail me at
Re:New business am i starting right? certir 12/25/2007
Hi Josh, I am in the Infrared business in the NY tristate area (yes I also go to Mass). Your electrical background is the most valuable asset you have.
Level 1 courses are only an introduction. Electrical scans are by their nature qualitative in nature and require level 2 training. I highly urge you to go to level 2. I can supply aerial services. Please e-mail me for a quote.

Nice shot of the dog, which camera do you have?

Peter J. Plein

Certified Infrared Inc.
Re:New business am i starting right? HITECHSOLUTIONS 12/26/2007
I emailed you thank you for your insight.

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