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Camera life span DCP 12/14/2007
what is the normal life span of a typical FLIR
E-series camera as well as a P-series camera.
Assume that
1) It is used 15 days a months in different types of industries and operated by 5-6 different thermographers.
2)No calibration/refurbishment done in between.

Useful information would help me in preparing my business strategy.
Re:Camera life span Pat 12/14/2007
Hello DCP.
There is not much info to make an estimate. We do have cameras in the field for 10-15 years or longer that have had maintenance from time to time.
Re:Camera life span jvoitl 12/14/2007
I've been using a PM595 on an almost daily basis for 8 years. I have it serviced and calibrated every year and it's just like new.

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