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Pricing in California HITECHSOLUTIONS 12/22/2007
Hi I'm an Infrared Thermographer in Mass. I have a job to do in Beverly Hills, California. It's going to be a roof inspection, and an electrical inspection. What do they charge out there? Any suggestions would be great.
Re:Pricing in California manuel-thermoimagen 12/25/2007
i have talked about this topic on several 'open houses' on infrared cameras dealers, most of them starts at from 80-120 usd/hour.

need to negotiate with customer the travel issues like air tickets, transportation, hotel, etc.

Re:Pricing in California HITECHSOLUTIONS 12/26/2007
Thank you very much
Re:Pricing in California SoCal Infrared 12/27/2007
ou very much
If you find that after you figure all costs in it doesn't make sense for client, we can quote job and send referral. I am a Level II in Southern California area. Peter Hopkins, if interested you can email me at

FYI: roof can be a several hour thing, starts in day for visual inspection, ends a couple hours after sunset depending on size. Some guys are like $1000 minimum on this stuff. We start at $575 for roof scan) Depeding on amount of electrical, it can be worked in on down time of roof inspection (sunset time frame) likely for minimal extra.
Re:Pricing in California HITECHSOLUTIONS 12/27/2007

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