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Severity Criteria dcnewt2 3/11/2004
I am trying to establish a severity criteria for our IR program. I am hoping that someone can point me to some literature on the subject. Is the same criteria applicable to high voltage as it is to "low" voltage (up to 480V).
Re:Severity Criteria IRJay 3/12/2004
The NETA or National Electrical Testing Association has a good starting point in their manual. We place that in our utility CD which is given to students.

I say it is a good starting point is that a severity crieria guide is not just temperature driven. The many other criteria that makes up the item in question comes into play. Take a load reading such as amperage or motor torgue. What is the use or purpose of an item. Is the item a direct or indirect thermagram.

Taking all of this into consideration can influence the severity rating given to an item. As an example we find a fuse clip that is 15 deg or the similar clips. An amperage test shows that it is the same as the other phases. Now we could say this is a moderate severity based just on temperature but the purpose of the fuse is running a critical lube pump on a production machine. Now the severity must be higher because the risk is higher. Whereas if that fuse was just the warehouse lighting it could stay at moderate.

Use published severity ratings as a starting point and modify them to fit your business.

Re:Severity Criteria pktsgt 4/1/2004
Trying to establish a criteria is difficult there are some published Guidelines to follow. Experience is the best way to determine where to set it at. Along with the factors as to
1. what you are looking at
2. what the object does
3. where the object is at in your building
Your best bet take a Level 1 class from some one or bring in a Level 3 Thermographer to help you out.
Re:Severity Criteria tvajackie 4/15/2004
This is what I use on my electrical reports for the nation's largest utility. I scan very old (1950s and 1960s) 480 volt and 4160 volt boards at 0.86 emissivity.


Advisory - 1 degree to 15 degrees F - No immediate action to be taken

Intermediate - 16 degrees to 50 degrees - High priority during shutdown

Serious - 51 degrees to 100 degrees F - Alert Operations, potential failure and correct ASAP

Critical - > 100 degrees F - Alert Operations and Management, remove from service ASAP

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