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ThermaCam QuickReport Software Erol 1/4/2008

I have a BX 320 and have had a nightmare afternoon just trying to upload pictures using QuickReport version 1.0. When I try to upload pics, I get a message that my cameras isn't connect even though it is. Now I just read that I have to have XP even though my new hard drive is Vista. I also do not have MS Office 2000 if that matters. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Erol
Re:ThermaCam QuickReport Software Hans H 1/5/2008
Hi Erol,
Your request will be best handled if you go to There might be an FAQ already, and if there is not, you can tegister and write your question. Our experts will take care of you.
Kind regards, Hans Hallin,
Applications Support,
FLIR Systems
Re:ThermaCam QuickReport Software Massachusetts Home Inspections 1/5/2008
Hello Erol,

I hope you get your software issue squared away.

I have Microsoft Vista for my Laptop and didn't have a single problem uploading FLIR Quick Report.

See ya at iNACHI.
Re:ThermaCam QuickReport Software jgagnon 1/7/2008
Hello Erol,

The problem is that you have QuickReport 1.0, which is not compatible with Windows Vista. QuickReport 1.1 will solve the problem because it is designed to work with Vista. Your local FLIR representative can assist with getting you a copy. To find a representative near you please visit this website:


Jason Gagnon
FLIR Systems, Inc.
Technical Support


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