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Help onThermal Insulating Paints James Tan 1/10/2008
Hi All!

I did some test on thermal insulating paints and found that the paints have high reflectivity in NIR and high emissivity.

Is this possible? is there a reason for this?Did some research on it but was unable to find anything Is there any kind soul out there who is able to help?

Thanks in advance!
Re:Help onThermal Insulating Paints IRJay 1/11/2008 has some products you may like to see. They use a NASA process of aluminum chips in a vacuum ceramic matrix. This provides a very reflective element in a paint product. The final surface is a painted surface but the vacuum in front of the chip provides the reflective component. I used in my house. Tested it in the same. I would need more than a forum post to explain the theory behind this product. It does work as shown on this website and the resulting R value addition is very real.

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