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Oddjobman Oddjobman 1/14/2008
I am a residential / commercial inspector. I have a commercial roofing company. My top person is a quality 25 year roofing journeyman that runs production everyday and is a licensed hoe inspector. I have downsized the company working with him. We are looking to continue to improve and offer a more insightfull report.....not sure where Thermal can take us. We ahve been successful in selling inspection / maintenance programs. Looking for a ROI if we get into Thermal. Do you think we will start getting a ROI n the equipement. Will we be giving a value to customers that will see value in the process. QUESTION: Are we on the right track.....School 1st camera 2nd.......Looking for advice / wisdom
Re:Oddjobman Gary Orlove 1/31/2008
When I did IR Roofing surveys back in the 1970's, it was by far the most lucrative survey for the time spent of any type of survey. And that was when IR equipment cost $25,000 (in 1978 dollars)!

With today's low cost IR cameras, its a no brainer. Usually the biggest hurdle to creating a roofing thermographers is teaching them about roof construction and failure mechanisms, but you know that already.

Take the free BCAM Basics IR Web course to get a taste of IR and roofing applications. Here is the link:

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center

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