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eddy current test & tester.. manuel-thermoimagen 1/16/2008
would like to know if somebody here make this kind of test and what kind of tester is need it in order to perform non destructive test to evaporators and condensers piping.

would like to explore this bussiness niche.

thanks in advance.
Re:eddy current test & tester.. Michael 1/16/2008
Do you have any experience pulling tubes? There is a significant learning curve to Eddy Current and RFT. As far as I'm concerned, it's voodoo unless I know the technician. There are a handful of people that I've met in my years that I trust. I cannot tell you how many times I've seen bundles sent out for retube and little or nothing found when the tubes were split.

In addition, the probes and standards are unbelievably expensive.

I am not trying to deter or discourage, but ET and RFT require proper training and skill. It's not like IR, buy a camera and figure it out as you go. There is no reference point involved. The screen shows a bunch of squigly lines and swoops. They all mean something, but without proper knowledge, there is no way to tell if its 50% wall loss, a baffle, a crack or something else.
Re:eddy current test & tester.. manuel-thermoimagen 1/18/2008
sounds rocket science..
thanks for your comments. hope anybody else can tell me little bit more about it.


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