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Infrared Standards MSS 1/26/2008
I am looking for infrared standards or test methods for the einding the emissitivity of paints or any materials.

Thanks in advance.
Re:Infrared Standards IRJay 1/28/2008
ASTM E1933.4671-1 Measuring and Compensating for Emissivity Using Infrared Imaging Radiometers.

You should consider attending a certifaction class where this is taught.
Re:Infrared Standards Bob Berry 1/28/2008
ISO 18434-1 lists two standardised methods. I agree with IRJay, get yourself along to a Level 1 training, this is covered and there are some very simple mistakes that can be made, if you do not understand these you will not recognise the mistakes and the consequential errors. It is also very important to understand other theory as on its own this will have limited value.

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