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Infrared scanning before & after renovations Dwayne 2/1/2008
This building was scanned before and after renovations. Before knowing what the renovation was, I guessed that they added rigid insulation to the wall. This is common during envelope retrofits in Yellowknife, NT, Canada, but I found out later that only an air barrier was added. The windows were also changed. The cladding was changed from wood to painted metal. As can be seen, there are significantly less thermal anomalies on the wall but I don't know how much of the change is due to the metal cladding and how much is due to the air barrier. Any thoughts? It is now very difficult to spot the wall members, for example, but thermal bridging hasn't changed because no insulation was added.
Re:Infrared scanning before & after renovations cannman 2/1/2008
Looks like your time of day is different and so is your scale.These should be the same to properly compare.Also is the building in a negative or positive pressure and was it the same both times? Was it windy? .Most building go into unoccupied mode (HVAC is off for the most part)in the evening which changes the air pressure.
Re:Infrared scanning before & after renovations musa 1/8/2009
Amigo puedes explicarme del tipo de recubrimiento que le colocaste a las ventanas ya que estoy probando con peliculas 3m con alto porcentaje de reflexión solar, si es mucho pedirte una foto digital
Re:Infrared scanning before & after renovations LenMelso 2/21/2009
Yo hablo espanol tambien, pero use Ingles por favor para la gente no puede habla Esp. Que es la pregunta en Ingles para todo?
(I speak Spanish as well, but use English please for the people who cannot speak Sp. What is your question in Eng. for everyone?)

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