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Single Tank 3 phase Oil brkr 23Kv gallies 2/13/2008
I am concerned that I may be misdiagnosing an OCB.
I have some temperature in the head area where all six bushing pass into the tank. I have an temperature gradient that goes from top to bottom.

Oil analysis says that there are no abnormalities. At the time I shot this there was 650 Amps going thru a 2000 amp breaker.

I am wondering if the CT's in the head of the breaker could be generating enough heat that the gradient I am observing is conduction thru the metal to metal contact of the breaker tank to the breaker dome.

Any comments or opinions are appreciated.
Re:Single Tank 3 phase Oil brkr 23Kv Doctir bob 2/19/2008
If you would provide the following, I can give you an estimate of the internal resistance of the tank using the ITC watt loss calculator:
T-reflected for sides and top of tank, tank emissivity (typically 0.95 for flat gray painted tank), average temperatures in C of sides and top of suspect tank and "normal" tank under same load and environmental conditions, load at time of measurement, tank dimensions for region of average temperature measurement. Has it always looked like this?
Re:Single Tank 3 phase Oil brkr 23Kv gallies 2/28/2008
Doctir bob,

I'll make arrangements to get the information you need for the watts loss calc.

As for if it has always looked like this, It is my first time shooting the station. As we are migrating to a new storage database I'll hvae to try and dig up old records.

The station is a two xfmr bank. The sister brkr to this, as I recall was cooler. I was using it for comparison.

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