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Is LW system avaiable for FLAME measurement application Bestchen 7/9/2003
I used AGEMA550 SW system with FLM filter to measure the target behind of flame.

Can I use LW system ( such as P60 ) for said application ?

What will be the measurment difference between SW and LW systems ?

Furthermore, If I want to measure the temperature of Flame itself, can I use LW system ?

Do I need any spectral filter for this application ?

RE:Is LW system avaiable for FLAME measurement application Gary Orlove 7/15/2003
Our German trainer reports: I would not recommend the use of a LW system for that application. One of our old AGEMA-customers has done this work successfully with a THV 470 plus FLM-filter in the past. A couple of years ago he bought a 595 but failed in this application. I didn't expect that but the 595 images convinced me. I thought that the broad response curve of the system (up to nearly 18 ┬Ám) could be the reason and tried it myself with a narrowband QWIP but it didn't work either. You cannot 'see' through hot oil flames in the LW band. There is to much radiation from the flame.

Perhaps the results looking through natural gas flames would be better. It is always worth a try and compare the images between the two cameras.


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