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Lightweight, low cost thermal imaging abeall 2/25/2008
Greetings, all.

I am in the market to purchase our first thermal imaging unit. It will be used for night time observation -- primarily by individuals in the field, but sometimes possibly mounted for driving.

I'm looking for a unit with decent range (300+ meters detection range) and lightweight/handheld.

I don't have a very high budget. Ideally, I would like something like a rifle scope, but all the thermal rifle scopes I have found are over 10K, I am going for closer to 5K or even less if possible.

This unit looks very promising:

If anyone has any advice about this unit in particular, or a suggestion for my purchase in general, I would love to hear! Thanks.
Re:Lightweight, low cost thermal imaging john@FLIR 3/3/2008
Hi abeall,

Take a look at the FLIR Photon and PathfindIR products. They can be found at our other web site:

The products are small and very affordable. Please contact me directly if you have any questions.

Best regards,
John Keane

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