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Upgrading Thermovision 550 Sean F 3/3/2008
We have an AGEMA Thermovision 550 and would like to upgrade from a desktop to a laptop. Do I only need a PC-Card interface? The flir website says this will only work if the camera has been upgraded to a digital option. How can I tell if my camera has been upgraded?
Re:Upgrading Thermovision 550 Pelle 3/3/2008

If you have been connected to the Desktop via the PI Box then your Camera is upgraded.
If you have not run your Camera Live on the Desktop then the Chances that it is not upgraded are high.

When you have the PC-Card interface connected there is no way to connect the Power supply so you might want a BOB (Breake Out Box) so that you do not have to use Battery Power only.

Pelle S

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