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Boat Tracking and radiometric image storing via SDK and A320 Scinty 3/6/2008
Last year we build a tracking system using ordinary IP cameras.
Today we have to make a new one with thermal cams.

In order to evaluate theses products we have to submit video files to our selves written tracking software.

We are able to capture MPEG4 stream from A320 cam easily by VLC tool.
But we would like to capture radiometric frames to compare them with standard MPEG4 images.

Off course tracking algorithm doesn't need detailed temperature information, it only needs "contrasted" images to recognize moving objects on the scene.

I'm not so skilled on image processing, so maybe I'm doing some stupid question.

For sure, codify 16 bit thermal data to a black and white RGB palette will mean 8 bit data loss.
What about "iron" false color palette? it will code 16 bit temperature values to RGB colors without loosing a bit?

What about MPEG4 compression? Will it have a bad impact on color contrast?

We quickly need find a way to:

-store radiometric images sequence to disk in a "standard" way to preserve frames time.
-read this files to submit radiometric frames sequence to our tracking algorithm.

On SDK code samples there is nothing to help us on radiometric images store and retrieval.

Thank you for any help, best regards
Re:Boat Tracking and radiometric image storing via SDK and A320 Pelle 3/6/2008
For FLIR Support to be able to help you, and use all resources within FLIR.
Please use
Then we can help you better with your questions.

Pelle Soderberg/FLIR Systems

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