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Gas Find with B-2 Massachusetts Home Inspections 3/12/2008
I really haven't researched the threads here, but I've got a question that may have already been answered somewhere else....

I own a B-2 series IR camera. I turned on a live gas line yesterday to see if I could detect the gases coming out of the supply. It was impossible.

If gas is colder and the area was conditioned, Why can't I detect a gas leak from a gas supply line?
Re:Gas Find with B-2 Gary Orlove 3/13/2008
General purpose IR cameras like your B2 are designed to look through gases so you can see thermal patterns from surfaces.

Instrument designers do this by designing the instruments to be sensitive to wavelengths of IR where gases are highly transparent and do not emit IR well. This allows the radiation of surfaces that are of interest (like building surfaces) to suffer minimum attenuation as they travel through the atmosphere on the way to the IR camera.

To view gases, a different camera design approach is desired. We want to view gases at wavelengths where they emit and absorb well. This is precisely what is done with the FLIR GasFindIR cameras.

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center
Re:Gas Find with B-2 Massachusetts Home Inspections 4/1/2008
Thank you Gary.

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