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distance to spot ratio calculation Govinda-IRT 4/7/2008
How to claculate the D:S ratio of a camera?
Re:distance to spot ratio calculation WCT 4/7/2008
Quick and dirty way:

1. Place a target of a known small size on a wall (best is 1 inch). Be sure you can see it thermally in the range of your camera.
2. Ensure the camera is at the same height of the mark on the wall.
3. Put a spot tool on the screen.
4. Center the mark on the wall in the spot tool and slowly back up until the target is smaller than the spot tool indicator. You can use digital zoom only if it keeps the spot tool relative size constant as you zoom in (the tool indicator should get bigger in the viewscreen).
5. Mark the distance away from the wall, best is to use a plub bob attached to the lens of the camera (ensures accurate lens-to-target distance).
6. Measure the distance from the wall, place it over the size of the target, there's your ratio. Don't forget to use the same units.
DS ratio of Fluke Ti10 & InfraCAM SD Govinda-IRT 4/19/2008
Can anyone help me to calculate the DS ratio of camera. Please let me know what is the DS ratio of Fluke Ti10 & FLIR InfraCAM SD

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