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Marmol in bathroom solution 4/15/2008
We have been called into a luxury apt whose master bathroom is leaking behind a wall. A demolition expert (plumber) already came in and destroyed part of the wall revealing the wet concrete wall. However, the water does not appear to be coming from this apt....other apts have similar problems.

Is there any way to apply active thermography to the remaining marmol finished wall, maybe by convering surface with a high E material before surveying with thermal camera? We want to see if we can trace path of leak.

This shiny marmol is like looking into a mirror....

Re:Marmol in bathroom mg 4/23/2008
You can coat the surface with electric tape, that should solve your emissivity problem.

As for active method,to increase the thermal contrast you could heat up the wall using an hair dryer or heating lamps. The thickness of the marmol might limit your inspection capability

There is a technique call lock-in thermography, in which the excitation source is applied cyclically, that might help you as well. However, since you need some synchronisation between the excitation source and the acquisition of the thermal images as well as som image processing that latter technique requires a bit more work.

Hope this help.

Re:Marmol in bathroom Ea1Services 5/9/2008
While I am not familiar with Marmol it sounds as if it is a marble or highly polished stone. I have had some success using spray applied foot powder when trying to image a large shiny surface. I would agree that heating the area first can be of benefit. You can rent electric heaters for large wall areas and then apply the foot powder to see if the image improves.

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