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Linking from ThermaGram to Excel Steve Babick 3/15/2001
Is it possible to link the time that an image was recorded into MS Excel? I know how to do spot temps and such, but have not been successful in linking the time, other than manually copying and pasteing to

I am using ThermaGram 95 rev. 1.61
RE:Linking from ThermaGram to Excel jgagnon 4/3/2001
Before you can link the time into Excel you have to display the 'Image Details' window. This shows information about the image such as time, date, camera type, etc. Look at the Thermagram screen carefully and see if there is a floating window with the title INFO. If you don't see this window, click on 'View' -> 'Show Image Details' from the pull down menus. This should place the 'Image Details' window on the screen. It may be 'rolled-up', meaning that only the title bar is displayed and not the image information. If this is the case, click on the green down arrow on the far right corner of the INFO bar to show the Image Details. Now, right-click on the time and select 'Copy Detail'. Switch to Excel and select 'Edit', 'Paste Special...'. Choose 'Paste Link' as Text and click 'OK'. This should link the time of the image into the spreadsheet.

Jason Gagnon
FLIR Systems Technical Support

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