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Emissivity calculation by temperature Artem 5/4/2008
Please help me with my problem.
I’m try to program my own software for FLIR A40 using FLIR SDK and I want to find formula to calculating emissivity E2 with known T1,T2 and old value E1 (like a function “Emissivity calculation” in ThermaCAM Researcher). I don’t want use a method ToTemperature() of FLIR SDK, because it’s work only when camera connect to PC and for calculate emissivity it need X and Y coordinate of image pixel but not a Temperature T1. I’m try to integrate Plank’s radiation formula with wavelength band 7.5 -13 mkm to find emmitance (W1) from the object with known temperature T1. Then I dived this emmitance to known emmisivity E1 to find blackbody radiations(Wbb1). Then I use integrated Plank’s formula for new temperature value T2 to find emmitance(W2). Please tell me is I choose a right way? and how I can finish this formula.

Sorry for my bad English. I’m just a Russian student.

Re:Emissivity calculation by temperature Pelle 5/5/2008

You should connect the SDK as Filedevice
i.e. .connect (5,0,2,0,"")
Then the EmissCalc method should work fine.

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