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Spray Paint Laland 5/7/2008
Can anyone recommend a spray paint that can be used on Printed Circuit Board (PCB) with a known emissivity?
Re:Spray Paint Doctir bob 5/8/2008
You don't want to compromise the integrity of the board circuitry. Having said that, you could use most any flat type paint. Perhaps better would be conformal coating. Most of these have high emissivity, but you may want to check this to be sure. Many mil-spec boards are conformally coated for protection from the environment. Companies sell conformal coating repair kits that allow application of small amounts. Google on conformal coating repair kits and watch those hits come in.
Re:Spray Paint Bob Berry 5/8/2008
Glyptal paint is electrically insulating, the emissivity is very high, I suspect about 0.96, but you should verify this before use. I dont know where you can buy it, but it should easily come up on a google.
Re:Spray Paint jvoitl 5/8/2008
Careful with this. I got into it several years ago, attempting to coat boards in a hazardous enviroment to prevent corrosion on the components. I was told by the board manufacturer that some of the components had small vents to release the pressure when they got hot and coating the boards without masking these components would cause them to fail.
Re:Spray Paint JKEngineer 5/9/2008
It will be more labor intensive, but you might consider spot marking the board and components, rather than painting the entire surface. You could use paint, as you are suggesting, or even something as simple as adhesive paper dots (Avery Labels in the US, for example). Obviously you would need to be concerned about the temperatures and electrical properties.

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Re:Spray Paint VegasCrist 6/13/2008
Laland wrote:
one recommend a spray paint that can be used on Printed Circuit Board (PCB) with a known emissivity?
I have used baby powder from a small travel sized bottle to puff onto electrical parts to equalize emisivity. If you can de-energize the parts first, perhaps you could use a non-medicated foot powder in an aerosol can.

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