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Insurance for chirporactic or other MII applications? Scott Willits 3/18/2004
My chiropractor has expressed an interest in learning more about thermal imaging, and I can see where with a little more training this could easily become a lucrative field to take my business into.

It seems that insurance companies that cover chiropractic treatment have no problem with X-rays and other diagnostic procedures, but they're not on board yet with thermal imaging. Does anybody have any information about this? Are there companies that do cover it, and if so, what are their criteria? What kinds of certification might be required to perform such analysis and who provides it? Has anybody done freelance work for chiropractors or other well-body type practitioners (acupuncture, massage, etc.) on an informal basis?

Thanks much,
Scott Willits
Redwood Infrared
Re:Insurance for chirporactic or other MII applications? don 4/2/2004
sites you may be able to obtain info. this first one is a practicing chirporactic.; publications_page.htm;;;
Re:Insurance for chirporactic or other MII applications? jcrawford 4/3/2004
Contact Dr. Susan Vlasuk ( the Am.College of Chiropractic Infrared Imaging.
It depends on the state -- there is reimbursement for IR in some states (workman's comp) - if done properly and according protocol.
Usually - reimbursement is secondary to neg. x-ray findings. Insurance reimbursement again depends on how the information is obtained and presented. Drs must have proper training in how to capture images and how to submit those images.

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