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Contract / legal language Scott Willits 3/18/2004
My new IR consulting business is rapidly ramping up, with several of the largest target clients in my area contacting me and soliciting proposals well ahead of the timetable I had planned for. I am working with an attorney to prepare contract language before I take on my first major facility, but was wondering if anybody can point me to a source of boilerplate language relevant to our field. My hope is to not only keep legal expenses down but to make sure I'm hitting all the bases, since obviously my attorney is not a thermographer. Anything at all would be very helpful, but I'm most interested in material specifically addressing power generation, utilities, and the timber and paper/pulp industries.

Thanks very much,
Scott Willits
Redwood Infrared
Re:Contract / legal language IRJay 3/19/2004
You probably won't find specific language for infrared but you will find contracts that can be very similar. Service delivery consulting contracts are very common and with some minor modifaction you can cover those situations that deserve special treatment. "The Complete Guide to Consulting Contracts" by Herman Holtz worked real well for me. I wrote out my specific concerns and added them to the wording and then let my lawyer have that to work within.
One of the best sources for some of that wording can actually come from your best clients. First they will have very good contracts and second they will work with you from the standpoint of liability.
Re:Contract / legal language Gary Orlove 3/19/2004
Here is a link to this book at Amazon....

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center

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