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XLPE, EPR insulated cable ricky 5/23/2008
How do we determine heat temperatures of the current carrying conductor and the metallic shealth of XLPE, EPR insulated cable used in undergound transmission line. What is the emissivity considering that said cables composes different insulating materials..Good Day & more power....
Re:XLPE, EPR insulated cable Bob Berry 5/25/2008
The emissivity required will be the emissivity of the outermost material of the cable.

With XLPE the outer layer is usually PVC as it is more durable than XLPE. So its emissivity will be about 0.95. With EPR cables the outer layer can be a number of different materials, you should be able to find out what it is from the cable manufacturer, but I would expect whatever it is to have an emissivity between 0.88 and 0.95.

The measured temperature will be the external temperature of the outer layer. The conductor temperature will be higher, and I think predicting this will be difficult without carrying out tests on cables.

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