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AGEMA Thermovision 1000 ECC shsu 5/25/2008
We are looking for the cables for the REMOTE CONTROL LR (P/N 193 998) for AGEMA THERMOVISION 1000 ECC (P/N 193 998) .

We would like to know where we can buy these cables? Thanks.
Re:AGEMA Thermovision 1000 ECC manuel-thermoimagen 5/26/2008
Did you already made a search at

i saw some controller for agema 1000 but says nothing about wires.

maybe you can ask for..

Item number: 280060883590

my two cents.
Re:AGEMA Thermovision 1000 ECC shsu 5/26/2008
Thanks for your help.

I have asked the eBay's seller but I have not got his response. I think maybe he only has the remote controller and nothing else.

BTW, Thanks for your help again.

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