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Image Frame Rate Laland 7/1/2008
Different models of thermal cameras on different manufacturers have different image frame rates. They have the real time which is 30 to 60 and the slower one which is below 30. Can anybody provide information on specific applications that is best for slow frame rate imagers.

Thanks to all.
Re:Image Frame Rate supIRman 7/9/2008
Hey there.

For slow frame rate imagers, it would be best applied for static equipments without the need of real time measurement and capture.

For example, PM application for electrical equipment like panels and MCC's.

Re:Image Frame Rate James Seffrin 7/9/2008
Dear All:

The topic of imager frame rate and its effect on various applications was covered in a recent Tip of the Week at the IRINFO.ORG website.

The URL for the subject Tip is:

Hope this helps.

Jim Seffrin

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