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Heating Inspection Ea1Services 7/7/2008
I am being retained to visit a site in a few weeks where underground piping is suspected of leaking glycol. The piping is approximately 3 feet below grade and the system will work in both the heating and cooling cycles.

Would like some input on what I plan to do here. I was planning on having the client start the system early in the day in the cooling mode (temps locally are in the 100F range during the day)and continuing through the night. My site visit would include a visit around 6PM to visually inspect and determine where best to image. Then at about 2-3 hours after sunset from elevated areas I was planning on shooting images. Generally speaking it is soils with only a small area of pavement. I don't expect to have much of a result in the paved areas.

Thoughts or suggestions are welcomed. I am using an EX 320
Re:Heating Inspection David L. Jakovac 8/11/2008
If the system was not stabile under steady state flow pressure, then I would consider integrating GPR(Ground penetrating radar)into your inspection plan. This will show reflection depths for water or glycol. It is important that the soils are not subject to stray moisture infiltration channels.
Re:Heating Inspection Ea1Services 8/11/2008
Already went out and did the inspection. The client has already tried the GPR,leak detection and now my IR services. It was a limited success and I would probably make some changes if I get another request in the future. Stray moisture is suspected from irrigation as well. So I made several recommendations to isolate the problem and verify any further suspicions.

The client has four properties with this type of installation and this had some changes of methods. They suspect it was the changes that caused their problem. They're considering a complete repipe.

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