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Fluke Ti20 vs. Ti40 Smoky 8/1/2008

First time poster here so I will introduce myself.
I am an electronics technician at a pharmaceutical factory. We are going to start a TI program. We are choosing between to thermal imaging units, the Fluke Ti20 and the Ti40. This is really about my first experience in this field. I am trying to get them to upgrade to the 40 since it can do building analysis for energy loss and roof problems.

We meet with a vendor in a few weeks for a demonstration. What I would like to ask of the members of this board is where you could use the Ti40 for things the 20 will not do.

If nothing else could anyone list some of the applications we would use the two cameras for?

I'm familiar with using for electrical circuit diagnostics but what other applications could the 40 be used for that the 20 could not?

Also what questions should I ask at the demonstration?

Anyway, thanks for any pearls you care to cast in front of me....


Re:Fluke Ti20 vs. Ti40 Top Gun 8/2/2008
I suggest that you not limit your camera search to strictly FLUKE products. You will be pleasantly suprised and rewarded by considering FLIR cameras as well. The FLIR T250, T400 are great cameras that will do so much more than the cameras you talk about in your post. Check out for yourself and look at the cameras I mentioned there. I know there's a FLIR Representative near you who would enjoy an opportunity to show these cameras to you as well. It's definitely worth the time to see more of what the market has to offer! All the best!
Re:Fluke Ti20 vs. Ti40 Smoky 8/2/2008
I will check them out..thanks....

Is there a Flir sales rep in central Oklahoma?
Re:Fluke Ti20 vs. Ti40 Top Gun 8/2/2008
For the Oklahoma area you can contact Craig O'Neill at 866-837-3241 or You should consider investing in the best IR equipment you can afford and ensure you have an IR instrument that can grow with you. That is, a T200 can be upgraded to a T400 at a later time, or a P25 can be upgraded to a P65HS. All of these products are exceptionally engineered and come with the support of a great company with great resources.

Much research has been conducted in the Return on Investment in infrared programs, and the dollar$ amount to at least a ratio of 1:10, or for every dollar spent, at least ten are realized in effective cost savings. We can help you every step along the way!

Good Luck!
Re:Fluke Ti20 vs. Ti40 Smoky 8/3/2008
Is there a .pdf I can download that gives the specifications and abilities of the two models you have mentioned?

Re:Fluke Ti20 vs. Ti40 Top Gun 8/3/2008
Sure. Go to and on the lower left there is a set of drop-down menus called "Search", click the "By Infrared Camera" and find the array of cameras, the FLIR T400 is on the bottom of the list, the ThermaCam P25 is the 19th one above it. Check out other products while you are there. There is a link to the specification sheet on each camera's page, in Adobe format. Thanks for the interest.
Re:Fluke Ti20 vs. Ti40 Craig ONeill 8/4/2008
Smoky wrote:
e a .pdf I can download that gives the specifications and abilities of the two models you have mentioned?


Please contact me or send me your information via e-mail and I will arrange for a demonstration of our products. I can also call you to disucss your needs and applications to best recommend a camera. I can be reached at 866-837-3241 or

Best Regards,

Craig O'Neill
Re:Fluke Ti20 vs. Ti40 ElecTech 8/10/2008
Well it's been an interesting week.

I've changed my screen name from Smoky to ElecTech and have taken the online basic IF course offered on this site. Gary Orlove has been very patient in getting me going.

I have now dipped my toes in the IF water and have gotten a basic grasp on the subject.

I have reviewed online a couple of the FLIR products that seem to offer what we need and am anxious to see them in person.

Walking around the plant I am beginning to see many places and situations where a properly run thermal imaging program can be a real, down to earth, benefit. There have been a couple of instances lately that if we had had an image on file to refer to we may have been able to make a quicker, more accurate diagnosis. Less downtime, less cost.

Next couple of weeks should proof to be even more interesting.

Best Wishes,

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