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Circuit Breaker Temps Rookie 8/6/2008
I'm new. I have circuit breakers rated at somany amps 40 C. Is this the ambient temp rating for the breaker. If so I'm reading 46 C on one of my breakers but the amps are within range and there are no loose connections. Is my breaker bad? What is the relation between read temperature vs rating on the breaker?
Re:Circuit Breaker Temps jvoitl 8/6/2008
40C is the maximum ambient temperature that the breakers are designed to operate correctly in. Any higher temperature would result in nuisance trips. Most breakers have thermal and magnetic trips. The thermal protion requiress a heating element inside so running a little warm doesn't necessarily indicate a problem. Until you get more experience the best thing is to compare the breaker to the same type under the same load. If the current is within the rating of the breaker and there are no faulty connections it should be ok. If it gets too warm it will trip as it is designed to do.
Re:Circuit Breaker Temps Rookie 8/6/2008
That is what we thought. Thanks for the information and confirmation.


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