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Air Conditioning Inspection Using IR fazlye 8/13/2008
Guys, Here is a good example on how IR can help you guys out there in inspecting Air conditioning split unit.

From the picture, you can see a black area on the condenser coil. Which in reality shows that there is a potential blockage in the coil. However do remember due to many type/design of coil, some manufacturer is actually not using all the coil lines.

So after flushing the condenser coil with R11 solvent, all the black spot/area are no longer there.

i will upload the thermogram asap as i have forgotten where i put it in my pc!!

Air Conditioning Inspection Using IR fazlye 8/13/2008
Note that the filter drier (on left of the picture- black colour) is also clogged!!
Re:Air Conditioning Inspection Using IR Raphael ITC Eurasia 8/14/2008
I really appreciate your thermograms and comments.
There is a lot to do with thermography in the refrigeration industry. Air conditioning is a small part of that. Think about all these refrigerated trucks, railcars, ship containers, that need to be regularly checked, tuned and maintained.
Although you often face bare metal, the emissivity is not a real problem thanks to the geometry.
It is a market to develop.
Re:Air Conditioning Inspection Using IR SoCal Infrared 8/15/2008
I think this one was a no brainer. There was actually ice formed on the refrigerant line...


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