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NEW FEATURE - Image Uploading! Gary Orlove 3/26/2004
We have added image uploading capability to our message boards and your posts. So now it is easier than ever to ask a question and show others your problem or solution.

Just follow these simple guidelines when uploading an image:

1. Image upload is limited to 200KB and to the file extensions of .jpg, .gif, and .png

2. If your image is greater than 550 pixels in width, please resample your image to 550 pixels and then upload. Excellent free software to do this can be found at

We are looking forward to seeing all your images and hope you find this addition to the message boards very useful.

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center
Re: Image uploading [Size matters] Greg at Stockton IR 3/8/2005
Hi all:

I uploaded an image and a well-though out and enlightened, insightful message to the Building Sciences message board. The trouble is the iamge was about 1Mb and the message (even without the image) did not post...then, I read about the size limit.

Now I forgot what it was all about.

Will you consider increasing the limit?

Greg S.
Re:NEW FEATURE - Image Uploading! Manuel 3/9/2005
he greg..

maybe you can consider to edit your image.

can change the size of image, maybe 50%high and 50% wide, and last think convert to .jpg this will reduce huge the size of image,
if you want maybe i can help you if send to me to

roberto cruz
Re:NEW FEATURE - Image Uploading! cannman 6/28/2007
I am a building/HVAC guy but my friend asked me to IR his horse--does this pick tell you anything


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