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Insurance 8/25/2008
I am trying to get reasonable insurance for myself and my EX320. I am looking for E&O insurance for myself. I just received a quote of $2,700.00 just for my liability alone. The Carrier does not handle contents which means my camera. Does anyone have a good agent out there.
Re:Insurance Ea1Services 8/28/2008
Your business insurance carrier should be able to cover this. I have it as part of my coverage for the building that my office is located in.
Re:Insurance James Seffrin 8/28/2008
Dear Alad:

The topic of Insurance for Thermographers was recently covered in an IRINFO.ORG Tip of the Week.

This Tip is available free of charge by visiting the following URL:

Hope this helps.

Jim Seffrin, Publisher

Re:Insurance Blue Rototiller 9/19/2008
What carrier quoted this? My insurance is significantly higher. I am using the BCAM-SD for building troubleshooting purposes. Thanks!
Re:Insurance 376mmc 9/21/2008
I looked for some time, with some help I found that "The Hartford" understood Thermography and was able to help.

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