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Problems in AGEMA 550 PKS 3/27/2004
We have a AGEMA 550 camera. Suddenly we got a problem that after starting the camera display is not coming, and we are suffering a lot. This camera is repaired last year i.e. around 11 months back.
Hi IR friends, what might be the problem,

Re:Problems in AGEMA 550 Thermoimagen Roberto Cruz 3/27/2004
There is no first maintenance level.
So, if there are no lose wires, and no loose electronics boards, then worry about it.

i can buy your faulty equipment ;)
Re:Problems in AGEMA 550 jgagnon 3/29/2004
I'd recommend contacting the FLIR service department at 866-354-7911. They would be happy to assist you with any camera problems. It's possible that the viewfinder display has gone bad. As a temporary solution, try connecting the camera to a video monitor. There is a connector on the side of the camera as well as a special video cable for this purpose. If the problem is just with the viewfinder then you will see a picture on the external monitor.


Jason Gagnon
FLIR Systems Technical Support

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