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Is thermal imaging useful to vet? 9/5/2008
There are numerous vets in my area. I have a EX320 camera. Can this camera be used to assist the vet with animals. Is there any special knowledge you have to have to work with a vet?
Re:Is thermal imaging useful to vet? Gary Orlove 9/8/2008
Yes it definitely can be and yes there is special knowledge needed to perform veterinary examinations.

You can learn what you need at the following course:

Veterinary Thermal Imaging Seminar
Sponsored by the Mid-Coast Veterinary Medical Association, San Luis Obispo, CA.

October 16-19, 2008

This seminar offers 26 hours of CE, including 1/2 day wet lab, on all aspects of Equine Diagnostic Thermal Imaging.

Speakers include:
Tracy Turner, DVM, MS, DACVS, Jim Waldsmith, DVM, Gary White, DVM,
and Mike Corcoran, Master Saddler.

For more information contact Michlynn at
Vetel Diagnostics 800.458.8890


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