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Infrared Underground jwfla 2/23/2001
I have a potential customer who wants to know if I can locate some gas tanks and lines that are buried about
5 ft. underground. I have never attempted this application before and was wondering if anyone had? I would be interested in discussing this further with anyone who has.
RE:Infrared Underground JKEngineer 2/27/2001
Natural gas or gasoline? If gas, is it flowing and at what temperature?
I presented a paper at Thermosense in 1999 that showed how finite element analysis can be used to predict whether a field trip can be successful. One of the examples was finding a hot pipe buried underground.

I would be willing to perform a similar analysis for your situation if you like.

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RE to undereground IR ies_surfninja 11/6/2003
It is probably easier and more accurate to just us Ground Penetrating Radar by a local underground locating company. I would like to know how to us the IR and how accurate it would be.


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