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Hello all,
i am new to this forum and have been researching the field of predictive maintenance program on board the vessel. i.m a licensed marine engineer on board a 345 ft. factory trawler and i want to incorporate this program within our fleet. we have hydraulic, refrieration, steam generating, maim propulsion systems along with, pumps motors, fluid tanks, you get the idea, we have it all with no IR PM program, which i am wanting to establish within our fleet, and then take it outside our fleet on my own. i will be taking all the certifications to do this also, and i know it will take a lot of time and effort to acomplish my goal. we have some vibration but not much. and i am loking for the best camera and software with in my budget 10-15k , i want to stick with FLIR, also resolution means alot.320x240 looks like what i would need. any all info would be most appreciated. also i am out here in the bering sea and i am looking for some reading materal that i might have flown up to prep me on all aspects of thermology that would be helpful, any input on that. thanks for all your help. Aaron p.s. here is a picture of our vessel.

Re:IR TECHNOLOGY AT SEA dargen430 9/8/2008

Please email me your contact information and I can provide you information on cameras that fit into your budget. My email is or you can call me at 978-901-8866.


Steve Chisholm
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Re:IR TECHNOLOGY AT SEA AtADeadRun 3/11/2009

When I was in the Navy, we had a regularly-scheduled IR program, mostly on our electrical equipment -- most high-pressure piping predictive maintenance got done with X-Ray -- for our entire ship. We concentrated on the high points of major switchboards and distribution gear, load centers, and major motor controllers. The techs weren't assigned to a ship, but were instead senior engineering personnel who were certified to do the work and kept the cameras on shore, and rotated through the fleet to do everyone's checks.

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