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ASTM Guide to Infrared Thermometry Liebmann 9/16/2008
As Chairman of the ASTM E20.02 Subcommittee on Radiation Thermometry, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about a new project we are starting on.

We are in the planning stages of writing a new book entitled “Standard Guide for the Selection and Use of Wide-band, Low Temperature Infrared Thermometers”. This work will cover much of the basic knowledge a user of an IR thermometer needs to know. It will help the user to make good and meaningful measurements. It is our hope this guide will increase understanding of IR thermometry and promote this technology.

As we are starting to put together an outline, we are looking for as much help as possible to make this the best guide for users of these instruments. If you would be interested in helping, please send an e-mail to frank.liebmann*AT* (Replace *AT* with the @ symbol.)You do not have to be an ASTM member in order to give input or provide feedback.

We look forward to your participation in this great project.

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