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Freon22 visible with GasfindIR Cameras Top Gun 9/17/2008
I have a client with a very large industrial heat exchanger that uses freon22 in the central area and tubes (952 of them) run through it. The system has developed a tiny leak. Does anyone out there have any experience with the LW GasfindIR camera to look for leaking freon22? I'd greatly appreciate any comments on this aspect of performance by a FLIR camera. Thanks!
Re:Freon22 visible with GasfindIR Cameras Top Gun 9/17/2008
With help from the FLIR guys, I found the answer: no. Thanks anyway.
Re:Freon22 visible with GasfindIR Cameras heathunter 10/2/2008
Top Gun: I have been able to find freon leaks in our exchangers using a flir p65.the unit has to be under a charge and the heads removed and you will be able to see the freon gasing off into the air.I can't seem to get an image to copy over.If you will e-mail me @ Arnold.OWENS@TRONOX.COM I will send you a image.

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