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Price list or suggestions 9/19/2008
I have a chance to do some thermal imaging for a local college. They want me to give them some sort of price guide. On each job I would be asked what would be the job cost? The jobs would be sporadic and over a period of time. Most of the scope would be on small areas of their buildings. Their buildings run from one story to about six stories. This is to find the leaks in the building. I will be asked from time to time to check out their air conditioners on their roof. So I need a few Ideas and/or price list
Re:Price list or suggestions Ea1Services 9/24/2008
Alad this should have been part of what's called a business plan. In order to know what you would charge you need to factor many things, cost of equipment, education, salaries, medical insurance....the list goes on. You are in business to make money and should know what your cost to produce the first widget is. Without it, you're better off throwing darts at a board. What it costs me is going to be different that what it cost you and likewise fees are going to be different.

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