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skin temp (brown adipose tissue) in mice S. Roper 9/29/2008
I am conducting biomedical studies and am searching for advice/assistance in measuring skin temp (specifically, brown adipose tissue, or BAT) in mice. What cameras, what set-up, what software, etc. Does anyone have experience with this?
Re:skin temp (brown adipose tissue) in mice Gary Orlove 9/29/2008
Most any thermography camera with temperature measuring capability would be able to do this. Infrared cameras produce a thermal image and measurement of surfaces, so unless the tissue were exposed, you would be measuring the temperature of the skin. Since the emissivity of mammalian tissue is quite high, set the emissivity to about 0.98 and measure away.

Here is a link to learn more about cameras that you could use:

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center
Re:skin temp (brown adipose tissue) in mice Arno 7/29/2010
BAT has been found at humans recentley as well, somewhere at the upper end of the back. When you find a way to show it on mice, it might be interesting to look for it at humans as well.

I did make a lot of images of hibernating bats last winter, capture a wakening (which goes very fast from 0 to 38 degrees)is very fascinating but takes high-end videocamera, a lab-setup, not-to-hairy animals and patience to localise BAT

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